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SRM ORIGIN POWER METER REVIEW The World's Most Expensive Power Meter #cyclingtech



The World's Most Expensive Power Meter

Call it the best, call it the lightest, or just call it the biggest bike flex of all time, one things is for sure ... it is pretty.

Product Notes:

The SRM Origin PowerMeter, named for having all components designed by SRM - the original PowerMeter, is our first modular-concept PowerMeter offering limitless compatibility. Interchangeable spindles, adjustable crank arm length, flexible chainring combinations, rechargeable battery option... all crafted around cutting-edge carbon crank arms offering superior stiffness to weight ratio for unparalleled performance!

SRM offers the Origin in several versions and the modular foundation brings a "build your own" experience to customers. Start with a crank arm, 120 grams of the highest calibre carbon with LOOK's Trilobe Technology allowing one crank arm to function in three lengths; 170mm,

172.5mm, 175mm. Then choose your chainrings; Shimano 9100, Shimano 9000, or 110/110BCD chainrings from BOR or Miche, for example. The Origin PowerMeter lid, with a rechargeable port option, is interchangeable to match your chainring model. Then select your spindle type and length, BB30 and 24mm options.

INSTAGRAM: @chrismiller27 @teamnerobianchi
TWITTER: @chrismiller @teamnerobianchi
GROUPSET: Shimano Dura Ace Di2
SERVICE \u0026 SUPPORT: Cycling Projects Racing
Mohammed al murar : Amazing Power meter i have the seam SRM origin but now time to change the battery 2 years life more less
Waynos Fotos : Anyway here used LOOK exakt? Favero”s are unavailable and no date in sight for availability. SRM internals, more concerned about “they just work” than features. Why I am steering clear of V3s
Waynos Fotos : I think, “it just works” is a ground breaking statement. Many products in the bike industry just “don’t work” as advertised, so this means a lot..... cough cough Garmi....n. But they are not the only one.
bmxracer117 : Honestly when we’re talking about expensive power metres, I’d rather have one that blends in. The 1500€ Shimano R9100P is beautiful and the 1500-2000€ Quarq (SRAM) is beautiful. Both of these are the top choices of the pros (shimano won two grand tours this year) and work excellently. Even 4iiii is rated at +/- 1% if accuracy is your thing. Good thing SRM only makes 365/year because SRM cannot sustain/justify that price tag for « art »
Phil Chapman : I've used SRM since the 90's and have always gone back after trying many other power meters. Two issues to be considered with SRM are that over the years I've spent a lot of money getting batteries changed. The re-chargeable version will help this. Second, the SRM crank sets become obsolete with every bottom bracket standard change. I still have a wired SRM with octalink BB that works perfectly. The Origin looks very nice but they might be pricing themselves out of the market. Power2max and Quarq are essentially the same thing but half the price.
Lau Hea : Sworks pm is 421g without chainring
Michael Doherty : The industries view on price is to see how much we will pay, or how much pride we have, how much we would pay to have the very best. In simple terms how stupid are we! Yes there is a point where quality and longevity meet junk, but that price is sub 1200. Also power accuracy is important but only to a point, power consistently is more important regardless of accuracy. You really just need a benchmark to gauge from and you can go from there (ie stay in your zones). Unless of course you in a @#$% swinging contest, then you want the one that reads high, even though it wont help you win a race. Bottom line on bikes over 4k it should come standard. A good illustration of this is some people pay more for their bikes than a car, and look what comes standard on cars. Their is a miss price in the bike industry vs other high end tech and it's going to be the end all one day. For instance a Yamaha r1 is 17k, think about that and let it sink in!!!!!!! Stop paying ridiculous prices and end your reviews with not worth the money.
tbone1337 : A power meter review without any tests of accuracy (in different use scenarios), any comparisons to other known reliable power meters, any information on supported features.
Ewan Shard : I run 165mm Sram Red cranks, Extralite rings and a left sided carbon Stages. Total weight = 486g
DanTuber : Everything in cycling is ridiculously priced.

Welcome to the World of SRM - Where Power was born

SRM Culture... the original PowerMeter.
Peter Rafeiner : Marketing blurbs instead of info. Hate having my time wasted by PR people..

SRM PC8 bike computer review

My thoughts on the SRM PC8 head unit.

Follow me on Strava and Instagram for more content:
hease1 : ive had the pc8 for me the back light for night riding and auto uploading features are good....however! everything else is utterly crap! battery 3-4 days max mine went back to germany twice with water ingress within 2 months. I bit the bullet to buy one and ended up with the pc7 in the end. used 80 quid never missed a beat battery lasts over a month no back light but who cares!

Question on srm x software for pc7 how do i change the power on screen from say 1 second to 3 seconds ??
Andre Janssens : when will they ever add an inclinometer?
Jurij Tavčar : Hi when will you release new rewiev of srm pc8. Thanks
gryg777 : The UI of the unit is perfect for me. The key for me was long battery life, but if it cannot last 30h (of declared 40h max) then I don't have different solution than Garmin 1030 and external battery. :(
Bell Lap : Is the screen glass or plastic?
ca5ualm3dia : regular usb port always fail over time , think about how many products you have had to stop using because the cable loosens the port , and the only way to fix is re solder it . that mag port should be the standard .
MrAgglo : Interesting review and product. I hope next gen wahoo devices can match the quality of this lcd screen (contrast, resolution, cover glass).
Brofessor _ : thanks for the review Ron. it's just not a good buy - very expensive for what you get, no navigation, bulky looking and looks outdated.
Anton : That's not worth over 200€
Raphael Tiziani : There is just no reason to buy this overpriced computer. At the moment the wahoo elemnt bolt is the thing to buy. But everyone can do whatever they want.




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