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Sanjay - 18 000 Olam | Санджей - 18 000 Олам (Music Version)

18000 Олам

Билиб билмай кунглингни огритган булсам,
Айрим гаплардан ранжиб ,айрилган булсак.
Ёнимга кайт энди ,менга Рахим кил,
Бошка чорасиз,бечораман сенсиз .

Бу хаёт эмас ,бу умр утгани ,
Яхши -ёмоним хам бекор утгани .
Кошингда келдим шу гапни айтгани ,
Маносиз ,мазмунсиз кушикман сенсиз.

Гапим гапимга уланолмайди ,
Сен билгандай мени хеч ким билолмайди.
18000 олам сен булолмайди,
Борим хам ёгим хам сарсона сенсиз.


Халоватим,тинчимсан, дармон топганим ,
Хар кандай дахшатдан Омон топганим.
Энг огир фурсатда осон топганим ,
Енгилмас шохлар хам ожиздир сенсиз .

Тиз чукиб ,багринга талпинай ,
Холу -мадорим тугагунча талпинай .
Ором топгай жоним илло пойингда ,
Сон саноксиз онлар бехуда сенсиз .

Sanjay - 18 000 Olam | Санджей - 18 000 Олам (Music Version)
SanJay : Tez Kunda "18 000 Olam" Taronamizning Klipi Sizni Etiboringizga Xavola Etiladi, O`tqazib Yubormaslik Uchun Kanalimizga Obuna Bo`lishni Unutmang...
Уткир Курбанбаев : Бу брот узбекми
Dinara Xolmurzayeva : chiroyli muzika
Lachyn Abdullayeva : Про что это песня??
Nazokat Ibragimova : Juda yoqti shu qo'shiq menga
Boburbek Ziyoyev : Wuncaki daxwat
Mesi Leon : Ажойиб илохий мухаббат хакида эканми
Айбек Атакулов : Музыка ништяк
Jahongir Husenov : Куринишидан каррига ухшайди лекин авози ёшларникидек екан жуда зур чикирти кушик проста супер
Алишер Бек : Ашула бузар нима бу узи кушик ёзолмидими?

Buying An $18,000 House: Inside America’s Cheap Old Houses

So what's it really like inside a really cheap old house? This week I found out the truth behind the instagram handle @cheapoldhouses - and it's pretty cool.
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After buying a house over the last year, I have become obsessed with all things housing. To amazing modern builds, to alternative ways of living out of an airstream, this week I explored America's cheap old houses! Wheeling, West Virginia is a post industrial city that never fully revived itself after the great depression. As a result, there are tons of beautiful, but a bit run down buildings in this town- for super cheap! Wheeling is starting experience an up tick of newcomers that are fed up with big cities and high costs of living.

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Jamie Sim : please have a follow up video and show us the end product
Aprilio Diodena Journey : Nice
spacemansabs : This is cool but I would totally put the staircase back to its original location and move the half bath to the kitchen area. You don’t need such a big kitchen.
Shar Simpson : Can't wait to see the finished product!
sacredgeometry : She didn't buy a $18,000 house. If she did she would be living in it how it is.
STU : that is well over $18000 in raw materials without a doubt
SmittenKitten : I can't even keep my room clean... I can't imagine trying to do something like this. I'd start crying.
WildGypsy Rose : I want to see this house finished.
James Johnson : I did this. 9k got me a house
Shelyna Emerald : I really liked the Jacksonville IL house 0:11

18000 Hz Test Tone

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Top Ten Lists of Ten Best Numbers Between Zero and Eleven Listed Descendingly : downloaded this and the waveform's flat lol. everyone's freaking out over silence
Jason Quintana : AHHHH MY EARS
Cosmoz : 14 years old and I can't hear anything
Am I broken? lol
Cristian Rodriguez : Im 40, I can barely hear this tone, it is like it is far away, but still my ears are unconfortable..WTF? also I couldn't hear the 16khz tone , how could I poossible hear this..does not make sense to me or I do not understand as much as I thought.
Maitotoxin : I can hear it but its rly quiet
Lionel L : My ear
iiRxses : All I hear is static if I put it up to my ear-
Revan : Can hear it 15 yo yall are dying lmao
Subhadra Pesantez : At first, I heard it which was a few days ago and now I can’t. Anyone have the same situation? I’m scared
Yaseen .I : I can’t hear it but something is peeiiirrrccciiinnnggg mmmyyyy eeeeeeeaaaaaarrrrrssssss and I’m 11




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