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PS Vita Slim Review (PCH-2000)

Here is my final overall review of the PS Vita-2000. It's honestly a really great revision to the handheld, enjoy!

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Outro song ‘I dunno’ by Grapes:
Cynic The Hedgehog : Last thing Sony would ever do with the console sadly :(
Joseph Austen : I dont notice the difference between the lcd and oled, because I have always had the 2000
Nostalgia Rookie Gamer : I think the 2000 is look more luxury
Adrian Diaz : Necesito piratear este equipo para en la tejeta gravar juegos
The Winter Brigade : I have a 1000 since launch, would you suggest getting 2000 as a sidekick perhaps? or just use 1000
lyle sif : What's the difference between the ps vita 2000 and 2001?
ElfLord YT : So I DID get the Vita Slim for my 16th birthday...
Jovan Vitanovic : you still have the wii thats cool
Blaze Psi : Its 2018. Im just getting interested...
guixxx : the ps vita slim have a 3g ??

PS Vita Slim (2000) vs PS Vita (1000)

Today we compare the new PS Vita Slim 2000 to the old PS Vita 1000. At first one might not notice this but there are actually a large number of differences between these two handhelds. After watching this video you will be able to the big differences that actually exist.
Enjoy the awesomeness!
Happy Xone : Someone in 2020? Should I buy a PsVita? (:0)
Nice Toseeyou : Yeahhhhhh poufrsfsrsfsdsrsrs
Simon Elric : Sounds like you are psychical lol
MiToElMeJoR : I choose the slim because battery is much longer
Rain : Anyone out there selling a PS Vita?
I've always wanted one as a kid but couldn't afford it :(
Blin Uka : My PS Vita 1000 its Not Feelling Heavy
Sora Sora : Any memory card brand for the 1000 that’s cheap?
Lana Rivéra Chen : SONY wording location is different too.
William LeGod : The 2000 ps button doesnt have Led right?
Blin Uka : The Beginning Of The Video Was Cringe A Liii-Tle Bit?

Unboxing PS Vita 2000 - PS Vita Slim

Vidéo unboxing de la PS Vita 2000 (ou PS Vita Slim) par PS4 France.

By @arekuso -
Jpars : The music got me in this video.
Mani Mukesh : PS3 on PS4 heavy game run PS vita pro
FERCHO XD : Lo mas chevere del mundo
MASTER mohit 2007 : Great psp
rohan juneja : Where you buy it
GalaCtus ObErøn : U r having the same background music as the psvita
Rafikt : like si lo ves en el año 2016
Queen Carly Elizabeth : those number things on the page what are those for ?
ItzAspxct : hahaha i saw your face 1:37
-MuttyBX - : I saw his face he tried to get his face of of it but he didn't do it fast enough


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