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Mig - Comme Johnny

"comme Johnny" extrait de la compilation bendo. Disponible sur toutes les plateformes de téléchargements.

Réalisé par BlackLossaVision
prod CfBeats

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Snapchat : ouais_oklm
instagram : https://.www.instagram.com/mig_la6t/?hl=fr
CRTMDL19 Foot : Je rêve ou il a dit brassi ( jch pas )koi la pièce à Rennes
medley exclu 95 : A 1:02 ya trk ( d3 gvng )
Amine_[Tr3p] 9z : Énorme ✨
RUI LUCAS Cabral : * a slacher **
Tayron Donnovan : Sors lp 1
Klm 135 : Sa c'est mes reufs sa , faut leurs montrer ce que c'est Saint Geneviève Des Bois les frères aller y
Nightbot : Trop trop fort
AulnaySous 93 : méchant méchant
ZetoGravon3000 : À la vitesse 1,5x ça serait sous-côté
À la vitesse 1,25x ça serait mieux
Martin Otte : Il mérite plus

MiG-35 - the new generation of a legend

MiG-35 (NATO classification: Fulcrum-F) - Russian multi-role fighter, developed in the early 2000s. A thorough improvement of the basic MiG-29. The 4,5 generation light fighter of the Russian Aerospace Forces (before the appearance of the fifth generation light fighter). Description of the jet, features and prospects.

Thanks for watching!

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Tequila Jack : Hopefully the new bird in the Serbian Airforce
Raju Prohit : MIG 35 is best
Nobby Barnes : Fighter jets are a just a way to siphon off a country's treasure into the personal bank accts of a relatively few majority shareholders and corrupt politicians.
hoary_phantom_ : MiGs look cooler than Sukhois

Good Plane, Soviet
-from Europe
johnnie cameron : The fact we build weapons to kill eachother is sad
Akbar Xaidi : Beautiful machine
M G : The Mig-29 and the Su-27 Russian 4th Generation air superiority fighters and its successor models, are just
another example of the Russians copying tested and proven American designs, like the F-15 . Usually, when
the U.S.A. fields a certain model of aircraft, then about 7 years later, the Russians will role out their similar version.
nIndja : That's some fine MIG 35 on 1:26 :)
Mukesh Kumar :
Jason Huckleberry : If the world could figure out that none of us our getting out of here alive then imagine what we could build together! I bet some badass space traveling type shit! A United world could accomplish so much! Sad that evil and greed gets in the way!

Zara Larsson & Carola - Säg Mig - 4K (Late Night Concert) - TV4

Carola Häggkvist gästar Zara Larssons "Late Night Concert" på Gröna Lund i Stockholm. Tillsammans framför de Zaras favoritlåt "Säg Mig".
Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/track/32qGFJqweMFsGvsxRKgdjk?si=bvANwHr6RrmGpdqj0G-x_g

Se mer från TV4 på:
YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/user/tv4?sub_confirmation=1
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/TV4
Twitter: http://twitter.com/TV4
lara hoffman : Yes Stream love me Land ❤️
Stina Ingvarsson : OMGGGG AMAZING
Martin Fäldt : PEFEKTION!
Linnea Möller : Carola mimar delar av uppträdet.. god jul
Patahl : wow!
TV4 : Se hela konserten igen: https://www.tv4play.se/program/late-night-concert/13279630
João Revez : We need a duet with their amazing voices together!
Prima Nina : Yes yes yes! I didn’t knew that I needed Zara singing Swedish so baaaaad! And now I can’t stop listening to this performance! I’m in love
DayDreamer : Så bra ... lol Carola behöver inte ens ha micken nära .. de låter bra ihop och det är en bra låt.
Amalia & Olivia : Två legender på en och samma scen!




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